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Nexo, the ultimate footwear was conceptualized in the late 2011 and given a concrete form on the 1st of January 2012. It dawned a unified approach towards the manufacturing, advertising, marketing and distributing strata of Poly Urethane footwear like never before. Nexo, in simple perspective is a brand name to various companies who possess decades of experience and excellence in the foot wear industry.
    Nexo, the ultimate footwear, founded and guided by a bunch of enterprising businessmen, now comprises........      more
Nexo is a renowned footwear division in south India with exclusive Italian PU Technology dealing with a spectrum of footwear. The latest and cutting edge technology is based on Italian know-how and is used world wide. The footwear is based on high quality upper which can be used in all seasons with odour less and non-fading colors.......................     more
    0495 - 6052605
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